What Airport do we fly into?

Denver International Airport, then from there we recommend taking a shuttle or rental car to Breckenridge. (We will provide suggested providers).

How do I get from the Airport to Breckenridge?

Shuttle service is an additional add-on that can be purchased under your account profile, or you can also rent a car as it is usually more cost effective.

What does my payment include?

Every booking includes: Housing for 4 Days, Entry to all of the Skis & Slopes events (2 per day), Food/Open Bar at select events, 2 meals per day.

What will the itinerary be?

The exact schedule is set a few weeks before the event starts. As soon as the itinerary is set, you will be able to view it on your profile.

When is Check-In & Check-Out?

Check-in: 3pm

Check-out: 11am

Can I join the Skis & Slopes adventure for only a few days?

We only accommodate our experience for 4 days/3 nights. This is typically Friday to Monday, so even if you wish to cut the adventure short you would have to pay for the full experience.

Do we have to follow the Skis & Slopes Schedule?

It is up to you and your newly formed Skis & Slopes Family on what you want to do and where you want to go during the trip. The schedule is just a suggestion, you can choose to go to different locations on some of the days/nights if you prefer, but trust us!

Where can I buy Skis & Slopes merchandise?

Our merchandise is available to purchase on our website and at our events.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept credit and debit cards from MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

How Does The Payment Plan Work?

Prices are listed are per person. Each person places a downpayment to secure their reservation on the trip.

The payments are as followed:

  • 1st Payment – 25% of the total cost must be made immediately at booking.

  • 2nd Payment – 25% of the total cost must be made no later than 98 days before your event begins. Check your booking to see the exact date.

  • 3rd Payment – 25% of the total cost must be made no later than 77 days before your event begins. Check your booking to see the exact date.

  • 4th Payment – 25% of the total cost must be made no later than 56 days before your event begins. Check your booking to see the exact date.

What Happens If I Cancel?

There are absolutely no refunds. The purchase of travel insurance for unexpected cancellations is suggested.

Can I book as a single traveler?

Skis & Slopes offers single traveler experiences but understand that the Skis & Slopes experience is 2 people per room in each cabin. This means you will be rooming with an individual that you do not know. You have the ability to stay in a room on your own but be sure to know that the trip will be more expensive. Reach out to us at info@SkisAndSlopes.com for more inquiries.

What is typical attire for the adventure?

As with many winter destinations, more is actually less due to the cold. Most of our winter events are very laid back. Typical attire for women/men are colorful winter wear, Ski’s & Slopes beanie and bikinis/swimwear (yes we are having a pool party!).

What are some essentials?

Water guns, skis, ibuprofen, ……………………………

What time do the events start and finish?

Day events typically run from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, while night events run from 10:00pm to until.

Are all events the same on Skis & Slopes?

No – Each event is different in their own way, from a Mt. BRUNCHmore, pool party, champagne shower party, ice skating and more. All information relating to themes will be published soon, as it varies per location.

Do all events include food and drinks?

No – some of our events are drinks inclusive with SOME events offering food at no additional cost. Skis & Slopes DOES NOT cover daily food consumption.

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